Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec 19, 2009 La Prima Tazza

Sketching with an old friend and enjoying a good ol' cup a Joe.

Brooke Carter, Evan Tedlock

Monday, November 9, 2009

7 November 2009

Just a little break from studio to get our drink and draw on.Contributors: Alex Luco, Casey Parkhurst, Josh Herron, Evan Tedlock, Laura Ambrosiano, Lizzy Iven

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ottawa International Animation Festival

The festival ran from October 14th to October 19th and a whole bunch of the KCAI animation seniors got to go all the way up to Canada. What follows is what we created in line for screenings, in bars, and in fancy restaurants.Contributors: Andy Alberto, Brandon Waltman, Clara Kim, Evan Tedlock, Josh Herron, Caitlyn Harris, Laura Ambrosiano, Casey Parkhurst, , Dustin Lincoln, Jeremy Casper, Ryan Tonner, Sakari Singh, Stuart Bury

23 October 2009

Just a couple of guys sitting around with nothin better to do.Contributors: Alex Luco, Evan Tedlock, Josh Herron

18 September 2009

This actually turned into quite the party, but it all started off as just an innocent drink and draw...Collaborators: Alex Luco, Andy Alberto, Brittani Crawford, Casey Parkhurst, Emilee Denich, Evan Tedlock, Josh Herron, and Laura Ambrosiano

Alot to catch up on

These next few posts should get everything current. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

From the Beginning

Well, this whole thing really started when an amazing independent animator rolled through Kansas City on some sort of crazy backyard animation show. Stefan Gruber was traveling from his home in Portland to New York City, stopping along the way in various cities giving a one hour show of his body of work. To make a long story short, I helped set him up here in KC and he ended up using an extra bed at my place that night. After the sweet show and some mingling it was just Stefan Gruber, Clarice Elliott, and I (Evan Tedlock) sitting in my appartment awkwardly looking at each other making small conversation. i was about to throw in the towel and go to sleep and then Stefan said, "Hey! Let's draw". So we all grabbed our sketchbooks and Stefan taught us this drawing game. First, each person draws out a series of pannels. Next everyone switches sketchbooks and starts drawing. There is no attempt to establish a narrative or even keep the comics coherent. Anyone can yell "switch" at any time and there is no rule or limitations on the content or drawing style. Most of the time it's just a bunch of visual jibberish, but every once in a while there will be a very special moment in the comic that no one had planned for. Enough babble, LOOK AT THE COMICS!


This is a brand new baby blog that will be solely devoted to exhibiting the sometimes inebriated creations of me and my friends, in the form of Collaborative Comics. Enjoy, leave comments, come hang out and participate! There's nothin better than a loud Friday night, drinking and drawing with your closest friends!